Feta Cheese Dip Salad

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Feta Cheese Dip Salad

This dip contains a mix of feta cheese, tomato, green pepper, onion, chilli and extra virgin olive oil “OLYA”. (Spicy)

    • 250 gr Greek feta cheese.
    • 2 slices of grated tomato
    • 2 slices of sweet green pepper
    • 1 chilli pepper
    • 2 slices of onions, chopped
    • 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil “OLYA”
    • Greek fresh oregano
    • A piece of foil




        • Place the olive oil and the grated tomato on the foil.Add the feta cheese, the sweet pepper, the chilli pepper and the onions.
        • Close well the foil and put it on grill, until the feta cheese become soft..
        • Wrap the grated cucumber and clamp in order to get rid of the excess water.
        • Put the spread on a plate and blend using a folk, until well combined.
        • Add some fresh oregano on the top.




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